Project Guidelines

Transplant is a treatment option that offers the opportunity for better clinical outcomes. This quality improvement activity focuses on increasing the number of patients on the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) Waitlist.

Criteria: Include ALL facilities in the Network service area
Baseline: October 2019 UNOS Waitlisted Patient Rate 
QIA Activity Period: January 2020 - September 2020
Final Re-Measure: September 2020  UNOS waitlist data
Goals: Facilities selected for this project will demonstrate at least a 1.25% increase on the baseline rate of patients on the transplant wait list

The Network staff will use the 5 Step process described by Sullivan, et al (2012) to monitor the patients' progression through the process of getting on a transplant wait list. These steps track the patients through their navigation from their initial interest in transplant to final placement on the UNOS wait list.

The 6 Steps are as follows:

  • Patient's interest in transplant
  • Referral call to transplant center
  • First visit to a transplant center
  • Transplant center work up
  • On waiting list or evaluate potential living donor


National Patient Subject Matter Experts Transplant Affinity Group webpage
New York State Transplant Coalition web page

QIA Reporting to Network

  • February 2020 QIA bi-Monthly Feedback Worksheet PDF; Online Reporting Form (Due February 15, 2020)
  • ALL QIA Facility Contact Form and RCA Barriers   Online Form (Due January 15, 2020)
  • RCA/PDSA Worksheet  PDF (Barriers to be reported on QIA Facility Contact Form)

Project Interventions

QIA Resources

  • Printed Educational Materials (All printed materials are FREE) online order form
  • Transplant Resource Toolkit webpage
  • Peer Mentorship Training Program webpage
  • Help for Undocumented Patients NYLPI Flyer
  • Community Dental Clinics in NY State webpage
  • Transplant Work-Up  Appointments Checklist PDF
  • Transplant Appointment Glossary PDF

Transplant Resources

Network Webinars

2020 QIA Overview Webinar: This recording provides an overview of Network QIAs, timelines, resources and activities.
Recording; Slides

National ESRD NCC Webinars (free CE to registered attendees):

 2020 ESRD NCC Transplant LAN Calls (Registration Page)
One Continuing Education Credit Opportunity for each NCC webinar/recording

Recordings: Recording Page
here if you are already registered in the Learning Management Center (LMC).
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Patient and Healthcare Team

For more information:

Anna Bennett
Quality Improvement Coordinator
Emergency Manager
(516) 209-5474

Jeanine Pilgrim, MPH, PMP, CPHQ, CHES, CPXP
Network Program Director
(516) 209-5365