QIA Guidelines

Reduce Long Term Catheter (LTC) Use Activities

Selection Criteria:
Using the Achievable Benchmark of Care (ABCTM) Model, the Network shall identify facilities in the Network service area with Long-Term Catheter (catheter in use > 90 days) rates.

Long-Term Catheter (LTC) Goals:
The Network shall decrease LTC rates in the Network-service area by at least 0.25% by evaluation based on data available in 2019.

CMS Recommended Learning Activity:
Prevention of intravascular infections, blood-borne pathogen transmission (e.g., hepatitis B), and influenza and pneumococcal disease are priorities identified in the National Action Plan to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections: Roadmap to Elimination (http://www.hhs.gov/ash/initiatives/hai/esrd.html).

QIA Reporting to Network

  • February 2020 QIA bi-Monthly Feedback Worksheet PDF; Online Reporting Form (Due February 15, 2020)
  • ALL QIA Facility Contact Form and RCA Barriers   Online Form (Due January 15, 2020)
  • RCA/PDSA Worksheet  PDF (Barriers to be reported on QIA Facility Contact Form)

Tools and Resources

CDC Resources:
Four ways to get ahead of Sepsis flyer PDF
What Got You Sick? Viruses or Bacteria? flyer PDF
Six Tips to Prevent Dialysis Infection Guide PDF

Network Resource(s):
Catheter Countdown Laminated Poster  PDF
Sepsis Q&A and Puzzle (for patients): PDF

Network Webinars

2020 QIA Overview Webinar: This recording provides an overview of Network QIAs, timelines, resources and activities.

June 12, 2019
2019 HAI BSI/LTC Best Practice Webinar

April 11, 2019
2019 HAI BSI Educational Training Webinar


For more information:

Jeanine Pilgrim, MPH, PMP, CPHQ, CHES, CPXP
Network Program Director
(516) 209-5365

Elena Balovlenkov, RN, BSN, MS
Quality Improvement Director