Dialysis facilities are required to make contact with their local Office of Emergency Management (OEM) annually. Please note that some County/City Offices of Emergency Management have local laws and/or specific guidelines for facility contact. At this time, we are aware of specific guidelines for NYC (5 boros) and Suffolk County.

(Per ESRD IGL Vtags V414: (iii) Contact its local disaster management agency at least annually to ensure that such agency is aware of dialysis facility needs in the event of an emergency.)

New York City (5 Boros): 
Please be aware that simply sending letters or emails to NYCEM with information about your facility does not fulfill the annual communication requirement.

Only the confirmation letter that is sent after completion of the survey shows proof of this requirement. This survey (linked here). It should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete and is essential for improving communications and response in emergencies in New York City. 

Suffolk County: 
1. File Emergency Preparedness Plan All facilities in Suffolk County are required by Suffolk County Law § 627-16 to file your facility's written  Emergency Preparedness Plan with the Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services on or before January 30 of each year.  This will fulfill the Annual OEM Requirement.
2. Register as a RAVE Facility
3. Encourage Patients to join the Suffolk County Emergency Preparedness Registry 
(Formerly JEEP).
4. Encourage patients to register for Smart 911.
5. Consider Joining CODERED Mobile Alert 
the program that Suffolk County OEM uses to inform the public via smartphones regarding everything from evacuations and hazardous situations to spraying for mosquitos in your area.

For Facilities located in all other New York State Counties:
1. Submit Annual Contact Form PDF
Contact your local OEM/EMS Agency, and provide them with this form.  Ask for a letter of receipt and keep on file.

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