These brief self guided learning modules were developed to assist dialysis facility staff to achieve Quality Improvement Activity Goals and understand the Network's CQI goals.

Adopting Sustainability Strategies

17 minute recording
SlidesRecording, Post-Test

Training Module Learning Objectives:

  • Define what is sustainability
  • Why is sustainability important for QI
  • How to implement sustainability processes
  • IHI 6 Dimensions of Sustainability
  • Promising Practices: examples of sustainable processes/practice change
  • Additional Resources: IHI Sustainability, CMS Sustainability, Logic Model Template

QAPI Framework: Quality Measure Integration

Slides; Recording, Post-Test

Training Module Learning Objectives:

  • Define what is QAPI
  • Why is QAPI important for QI
  • Topics to Discuss (Emphasize QIA Focus Areas)
  • Agenda Examples: LDOs, Corporate Templates
  • Team Approach: QAPI Discussions (Facility Players)
  • Promising Practices: Dr. Wagner/Dr. Saggi Presentations
  • Available Resources: Forum Toolkit, CMS QAPI Toolbox with Links, CDC, IHI
Patient and Healthcare Team

Network Quality Improvement Department

Jeanine Pilgrim
Quality Improvement Director
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Anna Bennett
Quality Improvement Coordinator
Emergency Manager
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Novlet Russel-English, RN, BSN
Quality Improvement Coordinator
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