Continuous Quality Improvement

Goal setting is one of the most important activities in quality improvement.  We use goals every day. Part of creating a culture of continuous quality improvement ensures that all employees and patients understand their roles, expectations, and why they are critical to achieving success.

We know that every dialysis center is mission critical in providing patient-centered care and exceeding quality goals set by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.  These goals are met in many ways - but all can only be successfully exceeded when every team member is competent and confident in the importance of their role responsibilities, and in understanding goals, benchmarks, processes of their work.

Best Practice Goal Setting provides:

  • Organizational direction and discipline to ensure that everyone is focused on the same objective.
  • Effective utilization of all team members and organizational metrics to ensure appropriate resources, and to reduce the likelihood of delays.
  • An opportunity for the organization to achieve an advantage over the competition.
  • Clarity to the team members regarding what is expected of them.

Patient Quality of Life

Patient SMART Goal Road Map/Action Plan PDF (English/Spanish)

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