Home Hemodialysis

 Home Hemodialysis

Hemodialysis is typically conducted in a dedicated facility with specialized nurses and technicians who specialize in hemodialysis. However, dialysis can also be done in a patient’s home. Once you and your doctor have determined that at home hemodialysis is right for you, you will begin a comprehensive safety and training program that is tailored to your specific medical and learning needs. In most cases, you will learn to perform at home hemodialysis treatments with a dialysis partner.

There are three types of at home hemodialysis:

  1.  Short Daily at Home Hemodialysis – Performed five or six times a week, typically for two to three hours per session.
  2. Traditional at Home Hemodialysis – Performed three times per week, typically for about four hours per session. This is similar to the treatments received at a local dialysis center.
  3.  Nocturnal/Extended Home Hemodialysis – Performed during sleep, typically six to eight hours a night, three or more nights a week. Many patients enjoy the ability to spend the night dialyzing and not lose time during the day that could be spent at work or with family.

To locate dialysis facilities that offer home dialysis: Home Dialysis Central


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