Dialysis Facility Compare

It is important that people living with ESRD have access to a dialysis facility that suits their needs. Medicare has data you can use to compare dialysis facilities (centers) based on the quality of patient care they provide. You can also compare their patient experience survey (ICH-CAHPS) results. Visit Dialysis Facility Compare to search, and compare dialysis facilities in the United States and Territories.

Dialysis Travel

Most patients, with plenty of pre-planning (sometimes MONTHS in advance for popular holiday destinations) can travel while on dialysis.
NOTE:  Medicare does NOT pay for dialysis in foreign countries, and Medicaid usually only pays in the state you live in.

The staff at your home center may help you make these appointments fir in center treatments or help you arrange supply deliveries if you are on home dialysis,

Make sure to check that your insurance will cover travel dialysis and work with the staff at your home dialysis center to ensure that you have everything you need to make your travel dialysis successful.

Here are some helpful resources:

Northwest Kidney Centers: Travel Resources and Dialysis Travel Checklist

National Kidney Foundation: Travel Tips

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