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Network Educational Materials

Educational Materials utilized in and developed for Network Quality Improvement, Patient Engagement and Emergency Preparedness activities are listed on our Educational Resources Page. Printed materials are available free of charge to the Network Community.

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Our Dialysis Professional e-Newsletter


July New Resources About Home Dialysis; Improved Patient Health Outcomes through Peer Mentor Navigators; ESRD QIP Corner; Network Publications; Cultural Competency; Depression and Mental Health Resources; KCER Alerts and Recalls; Update Admit/Discharge Records in CROWNWeb

June CDC Deadline Extension; Living Non-related Transplant and Paired Kidney Exchange; Reducing Catheter Rates; De-escalation and Helpful Techniques; Patient Involvement in Quality Improvement; KCER Alerts and Recalls; Notifications and Accretions; Extraordinary Circumstances Exceptions

May CDC Deadline Extension; Learn the Signs of Sepsis; CROWNWeb Definitions; ESRD QIP Points; NCC QIA LAN Information and Resources; Shared Decision Making; Patient Support Groups; KCER Alerts and Recalls, CMS Introduces the ESRD QIP Listserv; NHSN Dialysis Event Surveillance Training

April 2018 Annual Meeting; Donate Life Month; ICH CAHPS; Emergency Preparedness Webinar; Patient Experience Week; Mentorship; Customer Support Portal; KCER Alerts and Recalls

March Modality Education; World Kidney Day; Increasing Living Donation; ESRD QIP: Final Rule for CY 2018; Monthly Quality Improvement Activity Calendar; Network Publications; Patient Plan of Care Meetings; Health Information Exchange; CROWNWeb Personnel Update; 2744 Annual Facility Survey Deadline;  KCER Alerts and Information

February  CDC Core Interventions; New Approach to Healthcare Improvement (IHI); Monthly Quality Improvement Activity Calendar; Vocational Rehabilitation; Emergency Preparedness; National Learning and Action Networks; Educational Resources; Data Submission in CROWNWeb for Newly Open and Pending Certification Facilities; ESRD QIP Payment Year (PY) 2019 CROWNWeb Reporting and Attestation Deadline; ESRD QIP Data Validity and Reliability Study; Annual NHSN Dialysis Event Surveillance Training; KCER Alerts and Information

January  ESRD QIP NHSN Deadline Extension; 2018 Network Statement of Work; Understanding the 2018 ESRD QIP; CDC Making Dialysis Patients Safer Coalition; National Learning and Action Networks; Identifying and Addressing Barriers for ESRD Patients; NHSN Dialysis Event Surveillance Instructions; KCER Alerts and Information


December  2018 Priorities, Goals, and Quality Improvement Activities; Updated Transplant Center Referral Guide; Preventing Catheter-Related BSI; Network Activities; Empowering Patients; Grievance Process; Medicare Premiums; ESRD QIP  2018 PSC; KCER Alerts.

November  National Quality Strategy Goals; NHSN Resources; Checking Dialysis Data; ESRD PPS; Medicare Part D; KCER Alerts

October Join Network Boards and Committees; Reduce Catheter Related Infections; Update Personnel in CROWNWeb; Medicare Open Enrollment; 2017 Fall ICH CAHPS Data Collection; Emergency Planning; KCER Alerts

September Technician Training Day; Network Boards and Committee Nominations; Influenza Vaccinations for Patient and Staff; The Art of Needle Cannulation - A 10-Step Guide; Quality Incentive Program (QIP) Quality Improvement Activity (QIA) Adequacy Kt/V Reporting; Infection Control for Patients with Candida Auris; Sepsis Awareness Month;  Emergency Preparedness Final Rule; Patient Placement Challenges: 30 Day Trial Period

August Self Cannulation; Technician Training Day; Immunization Awareness; Patient Self Care; New Patient Guide to Emergencies; HIPAA; ESRD QIP

July QIP Reporting; Vascular Access Reporting; CMS Survey Updates; Reducing Disparities; CMS PPS Updates; Shared Responsibilities; ICH-CAHPS; Star Ratings; Vocational Rehabilitation; Forms Tracking in CROWNWeb; Preview QIP Data

June  Technician Training Day; Dialysis Facility Compare; Dialysis Catheters; Attributes; Emergency Preparedness; New Patient Orientation Packet; Vaccination Safety; EDIM Passwords; NHSN Reporting

March/April/May Nominate for LeBeau Award; Depression Screening; Advanced Care Planning; Transplant; Secondary Hyperparthyroidism; CMS TEP recruitment; ESRD QIP 2020 Q&A

January/February Legal Resources; Acute Dialysis; Fighting HAI; ESRD QIP PSR

Kidney Chronicles

Helpful Tips to Empower ESRD Patients as Consumers (e-newsletter/printable 2 page pdf)


Volume I (English|Spanish)  What is a Grievance?

Volume I  (English|Spanish) ESRD QIP; Facility Score Cards; ICH-CAHPS Survey

September/October (English|Spanish) Peritoneal Dialysis
July/August (English|Spanish) Vaccinations: Influenza and Hepatitis B
June (English|Spanish) What is Sepsis?; Daily AV Fistula/Graft Checks
May (English|Spanish) What You Need to Know About Calcium; Treatment Options
April (English|Spanish) Tips for Successful Communication
March (English|Spanish) Ten Tips to Help You Become Active in Your Care
February (English|Spanish) Returning to work; Hemodialysis Catheter Care
January (English|Spanish) The IPRO ESRD Network Program; Volunteering


PAC Speaks

We encourage patients, family members and care partners to consider writing a single topic article for PAC Speaks. Please read our “Writing a PAC Speaks Article” Guidelines, and see our Publicity Release Form.

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2018 Quality Improvement Activities
Increase Rates of Patients on a Transplant Waitlist
Increase use of Home Therapies
Reduce Rates of BSI
Support Gainful Employment of ESRD Patients