Quick Facts

Network 2 supports over 31,000 dialysis patients receiving treatment at 330 Medicare certified dialysis facilities including six Veterans Affairs hospitals, and 14 transplant centers in the Network service area.

For a complete analysis of ESRD patients, facilities, and transplant center census, please refer to the current Network 2 Annual Report under Publications and Resources.

How May We Help You?

The Network has qualified staff members who are ready to assist with questions or concerns. Please visit the Network 2 Staff page for contact information by department.

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Boards and Committees

For a complete list of Board and Committee members, including terms of service, appointment year, state, affiliations, and position, please click here.

The Mission of the End Stage Renal Disease Network New York is to promote health care for all ESRD patients that is safe, effective, efficient, patient-centered, timely, and equitable.

Role of ESRD Networks

ESRD Networks are responsible for developing local objectives and goals that support nationwide priorities mandated by CMS and the legislative requirements of Congress. ESRD Networks are required to conduct specific quality improvement activities focused on patient care, maintain a patient registry, provide educational materials, and investigate patient grievances. These activities are described in the CMS Statement of Work (SOW).

For more information about the ESRD Network Organizations designated by CMS visit: https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/End-Stage-Renal-Disease/ESRDNetworkOrganizations/index?redirect=/ESRDNetworkOrganizations/

In keeping with the legislative mandate for the ESRD Network Program, strategic goals of IPRO are to:

  • Improve the quality and safety of dialysis related services provided for individuals with ESRD
  • Improve independence and quality of life of individuals through use of self-care modalities (such as transplantation, peritoneal dialysis, and home hemodialysis) and self-directed care, as appropriate, through the end of life
  • Improve patient experience of care and assist with resolution of patient complaints and grievances
  • Improve the rates, when medically appropriate, of transplantation and self-directed treatment modalities in order to ensure that patients achieve optimal levels of independence and rehabilitation
  • Improve collaboration with providers to ensure achievement of all defined goals
  • Improve the use and reporting of data to measure processes of care, outcomes, and to support the ESRD Network program

Network Agreements with ESRD Providers

ESRD Networks have been given a 5-year contract by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The current contract is effective from January 1, 2016 to November 30, 2020. Subpart U Medicare Regulations require all ESRD facilities to participate in Network activities and pursue Network goals, including quality improvement activities, as set forth by 42 CFR Part 494.180.V772 (i) of CMS regulations.

Accessibility to Individuals with Disabilities

IPRO is committed to ensuring that materials on this website are accessible to individuals with disabilities. If an alternate format of any information is needed, please contact the Network.

For questions or assistance, please contact us:

IPRO ESRD Network of New York
Network 2 (NY)
1979 Marcus Avenue
Lake Success, NY 11042
Main Phone: 516-209-5578
Toll-Free Patient Line: 800-238-ESRD (3773)
Fax: 516-326-8929