Facility Status

Emergency Updates Network 2

New York

Facilities are asked to report Closed Status to the State DOH and The Network.

At this time there are facilities reported as closed (updated 3/22/2018 12:00 Noon)

Reporting Requirements

Reporting Facility Closing/Change in Schedule

REMINDER to Dialysis Providers: You MUST report all interruptions in service to both the Network and to the New York State Department of Health

To Report Facility Status:
Network: Reporting Form (via e-mail to info@nw2.esrd.net) or online

After Emergency Activation, to apply for a 12 month exemption to the Annual Community Drill, please complete and submit this After Action Report (Worksheet; online reporting form) to the Network for approval.

NY State DOH Health Commerce System (NYPORTS)

The New York Patient Occurrence Reporting and Tracking System or NYPORTS is an electronic form processing system that will fulfill the requirements for incident reporting as defined in Section 2805-l of the Public Health Law. The purpose of NYPORTS is to provide an easy, user friendly system to facilitate the reporting of the information to the Department of Health and, at the same time, build a database which can be used by a facility for quality improvement activities.

NYPORTS is only available to authorized users and can only be accessed via the Health Commerce System

NY State dialysis providers should be receiving updates from the DOH via the Health Commerce System.

If your facility does not already have an active HC account (for NYPORTS) please see this letter with form and instructions:

New York State DOH EPOC (See page 4 for NYPORTS instructions)

New York State Emergency Preparedness Resources webpage
NYC Public Health Emergency Network Resources webpage

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Satellite View of a Hurricane

Emergencies caused by severe weather or disasters can happen with or without warning. If you need dialysis, having power and water, transportation, or supplies may be very important. Some emergency situations may make it impossible for you to get to your dialysis facility or give yourself dialysis. It is important to be prepared so you can feel better and stay healthier.